Placement Process


It all starts with our discovery process. Either online, by mail, or by phone, we gather the right information to get a snapshot of your business mix/model, your goals for growth, and your current challenges.

It's easy, it's confidential, and it's the first step to a better relationship with a new broker/dealer who can help you achieve success.


Based on the information you give us, we get right to work looking for your best fit. We have a database of over 3,000 firms nationwide to choose from, and we have extensive experience with the best of them.

We've worked with enough different advisors that we can quickly understand your situation and immediately begin to provide solid advice and intelligent options for you to consider.


We evaluate potential partners for you, those who can meet your needs and help you grow your business. We will also help you present yourself (who you are and what you are trying to accomplish) concisely. We've learned that a great first impression is an important factor in successful negotiations.


Once we've gone over your options with you and prepared you for the process, we are your partners during the negotiations with the Broker/Dealers you are most interested in.

Knowing how to navigate the negotiation process can make a huge difference in results. Your terms will quite possibly be better than what you could have done on your own. So, not only do we save you time, we also make your final situation better.

We'll keep negotiating until you get something you can be happy with.


Even after the papers are signed, we aren't finished. We have a vested interest to stay with you to ensure a smooth transition.

As your partner, it is in everyone's best interests to help you grow your business as well.